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Our Product

1AHEAD LLC owns VALT, a patented technology which offers commanding potential to solve

logistics-related issues in the e-commerce industry and beyond. Our mobile application facilitates

two-way communication and oversight for end users experiencing transactions.

The VALT application is a membership-based application functional within a network

of subscriber members and businesses.

The core features of VALT make everyday transactions more manageable in support of streamlined communications and access options for merchants, customers, and property owners.


Introducing 1AHEAD and VALT

1AHEAD LLC, headquartered in Matthews, NC, is a mobile solutions software developer. The company’s focus is primarily on security and logistics support for the e-commerce sector. Online sales have been on a steady rise and now exceed $6 trillion annually, accounting for an estimated  16% of all retail sales – and that’s before the Coronavirus crisis of 2020, a catalyst which will dramatically escalate continued growth for e-commerce. We stand today at a critical moment for online commerce, where innovative solutions are urgently needed more than ever to provide security, logistics support, and access capabilities for end users in this in-demand marketplace. 


1AHEAD has prepared a technology solution that meets this unprecedented moment in our economy. We have received the award of a patent that provides unparalleled support to e-commerce, while moving surveillance and security closer to entry management. The company's innovative technology is called VALT – Virtual Access and Logistics Technology. Subsequently, VALT technology impacts vertical markets such as real estate, property management, property exchanges such as Airbnb, etc. The company has filed continuation applications expanding VALT's capabilities. 

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