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One Step Ahead: It's Who, Where, & What We Are.

A technology solution that meets this unprecedented moment in our economy

1AHEAD LLC provides next-generation technology solutions that enhance security, access, and logistics capabilities for a broad range of end users in today's mobile-driven marketplace.


Headquartered in Matthews, NC, 1AHEAD's signature technology prioritizes efficiency in the

e-commerce industry. Our AI-powered solutions software is adaptable and expandable into markets such as real estate, property management, and corporate/commercial access and logistics.

Take Command: A Dale Carnegie Podcast | EP52

Leveraging the Strengths of Each Individual to Achieve Success with Ron Carter

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Meet The Founder,

Ron Carter

“The strength of any company is not just its fascinating technology, but its fascinating vision….”  

Ron Carter is a technology industry veteran, inventor, and visionary whose work has enabled several

of the most ubiquitous and in-demand tech products to successfully penetrate the marketplace. 


His philosophy is straight-forward: Develop solutions that are one step ahead in anticipating and solving tomorrow’s technology challenges. Some of Ron's previous patents have been licensed by household-name companies including Ring™, CPI Securities, Alarm Force, HeathCo/Zenith, Chamberlain, Live Watch Security, and Zmodo. 

As the founder and CEO of 1AHEAD, Ron is again creating an industry disruptor. His latest first-generation technology addresses security in the rapidly growing e-commerce sector, leveraging mobile

applications for enhanced security, access, and logistics. 

Connect with Ron on LinkedIn or contact him at

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